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February 27,2024

Dear Brittany’s Place Condo Association unit owners;

                 Hello all unit owners. My name is Gary Breton, and I was elected as President of Brittany’s Place Condo Association for 2024. Allow me to share a few items with you.

1.)     Board of Directors:

a.        This year there has been a change in Board members. Jim Perry decided to resign from the board, Brenda Spond is no longer a board member, and we thank her for the years of dedicated service to Brittany’s Place as a board member and especially as Secretary, her service shall be remembered. Dave DeKoker as well is no longer a voting member but remains on the board as a consultant and Vice President. Of special note is Dave’s contribution to our association over the past years creating Vision 2017 and seeing it thru to completion. We recognize Dave and applaud him for his vision, tenacity, and hard work.

b.       Your new board consists of Gary Breton, President; Joe Gamboa, Vice President; Ben Carey Director/Secretary/Treasurer; and John Miller Director. We also have one open seat on the board, should you be interested in joining the team please contact Alex Anovak at Ameritech at

c.  Who is Gary Breton:

I live in Brittany’s Place and have since October 2022. I have an extensive background in the technology space of Semiconductors managing companies as President, CEO and Chairman for years. I hold a BSM degree and an MBA degree. I have a passion for continuous improvement and intend to use that passion to continue the work done by the past President creating additional value for Brittany’s Place unit owners. There has been significant progress made over the past few years by the past president and board and I would like to see us continue these improvements with some highlights listed below.

2.)     Brief update:

                 First, in my view I see properties in Brittany’s Place as undervalued compared to other condo units nearby. I believe with continued improvements we can add a significant equity value, sales value and or rental value for our unit owners.  Along those lines I offer the following updates and plans:

1.)     I am pleased to report we are in full compliance with all statutes with the City of Largo and especially regarding the replacement of several stairs within our community.

1.)     I am also pleased to report we have paid our lingering improvement loan in Full.

2.)     It is with regret some unit owners were late by over 60 days in paying their special assessment. This has resulted in additional interest costs on our loan that were not planned as the “Date Certain” pay off was based on a close out of the loan effective November 1, 2023. In addition, we have two units remaining unpaid and we are currently in legal action against those units.

3.)     Regarding our budget - our insurance increased by 69%, year over year, representing a $69,000 increase for an equivalent average increase of $718 per year, per unit, or $60 per month. The increase in the 2023 budget was barely enough to cover this cost. Unit condo maintenance fees were increase by 19% in 2024 over 2023, while some other condo fees outside on Brittany’s Place have increased by 30% and 40%. The increase in insurance cost alone with the minimal increase in the 2024 budget creates a challenge to continue improvements and create needed reserves. The board shall continue to monitor appropriate projects, repairs, and financial status closely each month.

4.)     While the late payments and nonpayment for the special assessment has caused us a short fall in funds to be used for added improvements, we are encouraged in that we will collect special assessment funds due to the association and combined with operating funds, we will be able to proceed with added improvements.

5.)     In our January and February Board meeting our board approved the following:

a.        Refurbish our pool with construction to start soon.

b.       Placed the tennis court refurbish on hold pending the refurbishment of the pool.

c.        Landscaping improvement and improvement of the Club House walkway.

d.       Restoration of the irrigation system that has been off for about ten years.

e.       Approval for a full third-party financial audit of our balance sheet.

f.         Site wide tree trimming.

g.        We shall continue with improvements as our budget and funds allow.

h.       Reviewing a proposal to hire our own company to handle daily maintenance activities with onsite maintenance 5 days a week.

6.)     Request:

a.        We continue to experience issues with people dumping furniture and other large items outside the dumpster causing us to pay for a special pick up. Funds to pay for this (about two times a month) come out of your association fees. Please ask renters not to place items outside the dumpster.

b.       We also have several people feeding ducks and feral cats. Feeding wildlife is illegal in Florida, and it results in ducks using our pool causing cleaning three times a week adding cost to the association. Please ask all who reside in Brittany’s Place not to feed wildlife.

c.        Each of the above items cost each unit owner funds used from monthly fees. Please help us reduce these costs.


7.)     Let’s build Brittany’s Place as a better place – join a team and spend just one hour or 2 a month in one of the following activities:

a.        Finance committee.

b.       Violation Fine Committee

c.        Tennis court refurbish committee.

d.       Activities Committee

e.       Rules and Regulations review Committee.

f.         Just send an email to our property manager at Alex Anovak at Ameritech at 727-726-8000,  if you can spare a little time and have some fun.

g.        As a unit owner we encourage you to join our monthly Association Board meeting on the Third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm in our Club House.

8.)     Looking Forward:

a.        The board has the following projects under consideration:

1)       New Pool Deck and lighting.

1)       New Pool Furniture.

2)       Security enhancements.

3)       Tennis court refurbish or replacement.

4)       Resurfacing and stripe repainting of the parking lot

5)       Front property gating


9.)     Finally, Brittany’s Rules reminder: Please remind all renters as well as unit owners of these highlights:

a.       Do not place trash, furniture, or any other items outside the dumpster.

b.       Do not allow children to ride bikes, scooters or play in the parking lot for safety reasons.

c.        Do not feed wildlife or feral cats.

d.       As a reminder … Trucks, vans campers, recreational vehicles, boats, jet skis, trailers, motorcycles may not be parked on the Condominium property without prior approval of
the Association.  Further clarification will be available soon regarding commercial vehicles.




Gary on behalf of the Board



All Buildings and Clubhouse totally restored.




Very attractive and functional vinyl fencing has been installed for all buildings.  As always, it is the responsibility of the owners with fences to maintain the grass cutting and trash removal from within these fences.  No trees may be planted inside these fences.



The aeration fountain in the large pond reached its service limit several months ago and needed to be replaced if the Association was to avoid a stagnant mosquito-breeding water feature.  The Board approved a brand new fountain and this one also has lighting pods to illuminate the fountain at night.  The new fountain has been installed.  Funds for replacement came from previously designated Reserves provided by your Regular Monthly Assessment.





BPCA Property Manager:  Mr. Robert Kelly, LCAM

Ameri-Tech Community Management Services

24701 US Hwy 19 N, Suite 102

Clearwater, FL 33763



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